Simple solutions

Simple solutions in process management With simple solutions to success Is it true that simple solutions are always best? Coming strait to the point: Is a pen and a sheet of paper the ultimate tool for a process manager? Process management tools Out of my experience processes are only well positioned if they are known, understood and lived. Each process member must be aware of the roles and responsibilities and need to act accordingly. Company processes must be described on appropriate level. This means focusing on the needed level of detail (which process level is required and what is worthwhile). Having documented processes on a very detailed level, placed in manager desks is not the right way. Adopting processes constantly to the changing environment requires resources and is time consuming. That is why processes must be transparent, short and concisely. This leads us back to my initial statement that the easy things are the best. Top 3 tools for process management A complete company wide process map An intranet process page A sheet of paper and a pen Summary Within each process management phase (Plan, Do, Check, Act: see Deming cycle) a sheet of [...]