“Process management only produces paper
and is not lived!”

Describing business processes is a difficult, never-ending task. Hardly the processes are documented the next change is pending. Many companies see this dilemma and stopped updating there processes.

Nevertheless, it is useful to describe business processes. A pragmatic approach is the most effective way and guaranties an efficient process management. Only lived processes are worth to be documented.

A structured top-down approach always starts at the board level and needs to be broken down to the necessary level. Just really “important” processes are analysed and documented. From coarse to fine is key.

Arrange an appointment what options we recommend for your company. Processes should always be considered in comparison with competition. An independent outside view can bring a distinct competitive advantage for your company.

Our process management offer:

Process management services:

Analysis of existing processes.
Assess process steps.
Documentation of processes.

Analysis of the current processes and indicators.
Evaluate and rank the optimisation measures.
Documenting, approve and implement the optimized to-be process.

Definition of process input and output.
Assess the process steps and roles.
Define the responsibilities.
Document and prepare the deployment.

Here are some proven methods and tools:

Process management tools:

  • Company process map
  • WKD, EPK, UML charts
  • Brown Paper approach
  • Swim Lane charts
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Process management methods:

  • Frequent process team meetings
  • Controlling meetings
  • Meetings
  • Workshops
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