Our team, about us:

Dipl. -Ing. Martin Kummernecker, uPM

Telecom und IT expert with many years of management experience
Senior consulter

  • Vienna university of technology
  • Certification as senior project manager (zSPM IPMA Level B®)
  • Process management certification (TÜV Austria Akademie)
  • Finance Executive (Österreichisches Controller Institut)
  • EBC*L level A
  • 15+ years leadership experience
  • Expert for personnel management, change management, organisation development, project- and process management

About us: detailed profiles

Dipl. -Ing. Martin Kummernecker, uPM
Dipl. -Ing. Martin Kummernecker, uPMOwner
  • Expert in IT and technology
  • Management and control of international, multicultural and distributed teams
  • Management of supplier and service partner
  • Definition of service level agreements for IT and Telco systems
  • SW and HW implementation and deployment projects
  • Organisationsentwicklung
  • improvement in efficiency
  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Change management
  • 2013ff: Self employed project manager and management consulting
  • 2013-2014: Quality management and project management at Platinus Consulting GmbH
  • 2008-2012: Senior Vice President Operations at T-Mobile Austria
  • 2007-2010: Head OP22 OSS (Operations Support Systems) at T-Mobile International (Bonn)
  • 1999-2008: Vice President Network Operations at max.mobil / T-Mobile Austria
  • 1998-1999: Group leader OMC BSS at max.mobil
  • 1996 -1998: Employee OMC BSS Ö-Call at max.mobil
  • Vienna university of technology
    Final degree: Dipl.-Ing. communications engineering
  • SMBS University of Salzburg Business School
    Abschluss: Academic Certified Project Manager (uPM)
  • Secondary school (Technologisches Gewerbemuseum, 1200 Vienna)
    Technical school for electrical engineering and biomedical sciences
  • Certification as senior project manager (zSPM IPMA Level B®)
  • Process management certification (TÜV Austria Akademie)
  • miscellaneous personality forming and subject specific training for telecommunication and IT e.g.:
  • Leadership Excellence Program 2, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid
  • Managerial Effective, Strategic Management and Leadership & Communication, Malik Management
  • Finance Executive, Österreichisches Controller Institute
  • Process Communication Model®, 1, 2 and Intensive-Practise-Workshop, imc
  • English (business fluent)
  • Einführung eines innovativen Routing Konzepts für einen Großkunden
  • Senior PM and technical coordinator, Implementation of an innovative Routing concept for business customers
  • Senior PM, Securing the Operations Readiness in an MVNO product implementation project, Project management, process design and implementation, coordination of feature, change, release planning and SW deployment,
  • Senior PM, Leadership Operations – improving leadership and implementation of a feedback culture
  • Senior PM, Evaluation of Managed Service Operations – Analyses to reduce costs through operation outsourcing
  • Senior PM, Organization improvement – implementation of a process oriented organisation in IT and NT based on ITIL V3 and best practise
  • Senior PM, Implementation of Network sharing between to telcos
  • Senior PM, Efficiency Boost – cost reduction and efficiency improvement in a big telco
  • Senior PM, Design and implementation (coordination of development and deployment) of a Run Book Automation systems
  • Senior PM, Implementation of a Backup & Restore System
  • Senior PM, Design and implementation of an Signalling Monitoring System
  • Senior PM, Implementation of BMC ITSM suite for the core ITIL processes incl. the implementation of ITIL V3 in an operational environment
  • Senior PM, Implementation of a User Plane Monitoring for packet data (Netscout)
  • Senior PM, Implementation of a signalling Monitoring for packet core (Nexus)
  • Senior PM, Organization project from good to great “great work – great leadership”
  • Senior PM, Implementation of problem- und configurations management according ITIL V2
  • Senior PM, Network sharing study
  • Senior PM, Infrastructure update – change of R99 architecture to R4
  • Senior PM, Development of a OSS Architecture and Strategy
  • Senior PM, Transmission Outsourcing Project with NSN
  • Senior PM, Extension of  „Resource and service inventory“ for a new generation system equipment
  • Senior PM, Design deployment of a resource and service inventory system (Comarch)
  • Senior PM, Optimization of the international cooperation Common Operation in Europa and gaining efficiency by building cross national competence centre

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