“We do not need to change;
we are successful in the market!”

A company need to constantly adapt to changes in the market. Modifications in the product range, transformations in the technology used or adjustments to the customer base often require a change in the company’s organization.

Changing business models can no longer be covered by the currently widespread organizational structures. An adaptation of the corporate organisation to cover the new environment conditions is necessary.

A thoughtful appraisal of the corporate structure can be achieved by a well-developed approach that includes the entire company – especially involving affected staff.

We support organizational changes and help adjusting company processes. In both cases, changes are possible only under timely and comprehensive stakeholder involvement and their direct reports.

Permanent adaptation to the rapidly changing business framework, market conditions and the constant reinvention of business concepts requires a broad knowledge and extensive experience. We help you!

Our Change management offer:

Projectmanagement services:

As-is analysis.
Adherence the similarities and differences.
Work out the change objectives.

Adherence the change strategy.
Definition of common threads and the sense.

Presenting the change objectives and the background.
Creating acceptance for the change.
Chairing the change.
Documenting the change.

Here are some proven methods and tools:

Change management Tools:

  • SWOT analyses
  • Environment analysis
  • Barometer of opinion
  • Flash light survey
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Change management methods:

  • Evaluation interviews
  • Workshops
  • Reflexion methods
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