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The job market is changing rapidly and it’s very easy to buy external services. Knowledge, experience and quality are much more important theses days for companies. Only the best are good enough for the challenge.

Our long knowledge and experience in what we are doing, provides the base for a high quality support.

High quality standards in how we do what is key to us. We are always seeking for the best quality in each customer order and following consequently our standards.

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Project management


Management and guidance of critical projects.

  • Acquisition of project management functions.
  • Analysis and intervention in critical projects.
  • Social and empathetic project coaching.

Process management


As-Is Analyse, To-Be Design and implementation of processes.

  • Execution of As-Is analysis incl. maturity assessments.
  • Definition of To-Be processes.
  • Process introduction and establishment in the whole organization.

Change management

Change curve

Planning, Support and implementation of organizational changes.

  • Planning and preparation of change processes.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the current situation.
  • Support in the implementation of changes.

Enterprise consulting


Holistic management consulting with focus on technology and IT.

  • Business and department strategy development.
  • Organizational development to less bureaucracy.
  • IT cost analysis and definition of efficiency measurements.

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